Beyond Light Therapy presents

The Greatest Show On Earth


September 22nd 2024

Inishowen Gateway Hotel, Buncrana, Ireland

Sandy Ingham

Jason Shurka

Dr Sandra Rose Michael

Discover the Transformative Power of Equinox Healing!

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Unlock the Universe.

Mark Your Calendars: Sunday, September 22, 2024, is the Fall Equinox — the inaugural day of autumn.

This day stands out as both hemispheres bask in an equal amount of daylight and darkness, symbolizing a perfect celestial balance. It's a moment when the sun crosses the equator at a precise right angle, heralding a time of equal day and night around the globe. A truly unique and harmonious occurrence, the Fall Equinox represents transition and balance, making it an extraordinary day to celebrate and reflect.

On this significant date, the Northern Hemisphere welcomes the start of Autumn, while the Southern Hemisphere ushers in Spring.

This period is graced by the Harvest Moon, which occurs about five days earlier, adding a special celestial highlight to this time of year. This natural event marks a season of change and renewal across the globe.

Our Healing Speakers

Dr Sandra Rose Michael

Founder Energy Enhancement System

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, an esteemed inventor, hands-on healer, and global luminary in the field of Applied Integrative Biophysics, created the groundbreaking Energy Enhancement System technology.

Her lifelong dedication and pioneering work have garnered her accolades, including entries in the Presidential and International Who's Who. Through her illustrious career, Dr. Rose Michael has shared her expertise at leading universities worldwide and presently contributes her vast knowledge to the Science Advisory Board for American Great Health.

Her contributions continue to shape the scientific community and bring transformative healing technologies to the forefront of health and wellness.

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael was honored at the World QiGong and TCM Congress in 2008, where she received the prestigious "Qi Technology of the Year" award. This was the first time ever that award was given outside of China.

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael has collaborated with esteemed entities and experts, including NASA and John Orava, PhD, a renowned physicist and consultant to the Department of Defense. Dr. Orava, who has also served as a Pentagon Pattern energy consultant and President of the Bio-Physicists Foundation, provided insightful research on the effectiveness of the EESystem technology.

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael has been recognized with the prestigious "CLD Person of the Year Award 2024," a testament to her groundbreaking contributions and leadership in the field.

Jason Shurka

Visionary Extraordinaire - Unifyd Healing

Jason Shurka, as an author, producer, and visionary leader, Jason is a dedicated truth-seeker and entrepreneur renowned for founding UNIFYD TV and UNIFYD Healing. His multifaceted contributions continue to inspire and catalyze global unity and healing.

Passionately committed to enriching lives, he teaches transformative techniques that clear mental and emotional obstructions, paving the way for limitless personal growth. Jason is a global traveler with a profound appreciation for diverse cultures, which deepens his understanding and empathy.

His mission is to illuminate lives with the radiance of love and awareness, helping to expand collective consciousness and inspire others to light up the world in their unique ways.

Jason is the executive producer of the movie "Sound of Freedom". He says: "I feel it is important for the world to watch this movie as it sheds light on the problem of child trafficking around our world today. If we can save our children, we can save all future generations as well."

Sandy Ingham

International UK Medium and Psychic Artist

Sandy Ingham, a gifted psychic medium and artist, has embraced her spiritual connections from early childhood, developing a profound ability to provide comfort and proof of life beyond death.

Through her unique gift of 'clairsentience,' she receives and communicates detailed spiritual messages, which she substantiates through her unexpected talent in psychic artistry—discovered as she approached her 60th birthday. With no formal artistic training, Sandy astonishingly sketches accurate portraits of passed loved ones, guided by her spirit guide, a celebrated artist in his own time.

Her work offers tangible solace to those grieving, affirming that the bonds of love and spirit transcend the physical existence. Sandy's mission is to illuminate the continuity of life beyond the physical realm, helping people to cope with loss through the powerful evidence she provides, enriching lives with peace and understanding.

Sandy channels the spirit, wisdom, and knowledge of Leonardo da Vinci.

Nicolya Christi

Author, Writer
Personal Transformation for Global Evolution

Nicolya Christi, noted author, visionary, and futur-ist with Bear & Co/Inner Traditions, greatly impacts the spiritual domain. Her seminal work, 2012: A Clarion Call, earned top recognition from Publishers Weekly and endorsements from luminaries like Nobel nominee Ervin Laszlo who said "the most remarkable spiritual book on this or any other subject I have ever read." 

Her latest book, LOVE, GOD, & EVERYTHING, acclaimed by thinkers such as Bruce Lipton, was nominated for a 2023 Ommie.

She is also the author of Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World - A Handbook for Conscious Evolution, and started a series with Four Fundamentals. Recently, after years of focused writing, Christi completed the first novel of a trilogy blending historical events into a current epic. Her efforts focus on Psychological Integration, Conscious Evolution, and Spiritual Awakening to foster global transformation.

She recently completed her debut novel, an epic fiction-based-on-fact story for our times, the first of a trilogy of books interweaving defining historical timelines.

Nicolya's Work is founded on spirituality, metaphysics, philosophy, and psychology.

She has developed various psychospiritual maps and models for evolving consciousness and brings unique new theories to the psychological and spiritual domains, all of which are inspired by extensive personal experience in these fields.

Between June 1997 and November 2002, she underwent multiple out-of-body experiences, which included mystical encoun-ters, a life-changing experience of conscious dying in March 2002, and a consciousness-transforming experience of enlightenment in October 2009.

Her Work is founded upon three fundamental principles: psychological integration, conscious evolution, and spiritual awakening.

Its trajectory spans the conscious evolution of the individual and the world itself-from Conscious Awareness to Conscious Integration, to Self and Collective Realization, to Self and Collective Actualization, and, ultimately, Self and Collective Transcendence.

The Event Venue

We are privileged to host our upcoming event at the esteemed Inishowen Gateway.

This venue, with its visionary architecture and serene ambiance, is the perfect backdrop to inspire and energize our esteemed participants.

Railway Road, Inishowen, Buncrana, IE F93 PPH9

Parking is available around the location. We will share a map closer to the event.

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Who is this exclusive event for?

This event is designed for visionary healers, spiritual entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking to elevate their consciousness and embrace transformative energy.

It’s a powerful gathering where profound wisdom meets advanced Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) technology, ideal for those looking to expand their influence and deepen their understanding of the universe's interconnectedness through groundbreaking scientific advancements.

Where is this event going to be?

The "Healer's Conference 2024" will take place in the Inishowen Gateway Hotel in Buncrana, Inishowen, Co Donegal, Ireland
Location Event: Railway Road, Buncrana, IE F93 PPH9

What do I need to bring to get into the event?

Please bring your Photo ID and your ticket that you have received by email as confirmation to gain access to the event.

Can I bring a guest?

We're delighted that you feel called to share this event with your partner, friends, or your loved ones. They will need their own ticket as well as only valid ticket holders will have access to the "Healer's Conference 2024".

Will I be allowed to record the event?

Please note that recording or live streaming of the event is strictly prohibited. However, you are welcome to take pictures and short videos for personal use. Event recordings will be available for purchase. If you hold a "Beyond VIP" Pass, access to these recordings is included.

Can I upgrade my ticket?

Ticket upgrades are not offered for this event. We have a limited number of tickets available, so secure yours soon. Additionally, you can purchase the HD recording of the 'Healer's Conference' separately to relive the experience.

What is the refund policy?

All tickets are non-refundable. However, your purchase is 100% risk-free with our guarantee: Should the event be canceled for any reason, you will receive a full 100% refund of your investment.

What is the Energy Enhancement System (EESystem)?

The Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) is a pioneering technological innovation conceived by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael. It generates a therapeutic field of bio-scalar energy, which is known to support optimal health and cellular rejuvenation. This technology builds on the foundational theories of energy pioneered by Nikola Tesla, who posited the existence and utility of scalar energy fields. Tesla believed these energies could be harnessed and transmitted without the need for traditional conduits; this principle is central to the EESystem's function.

The system creates an environment enriched with bio-scalar waves that operates in a non-linear dimension. This can initiate biological processes at the cellular level that lead to improved health outcomes, increased vitality, and enhanced consciousness. It’s backed by over 25 years of research in bio-energetic and quantum science by Dr. Michael and her collaborators.

Jason Shurka, a passionate advocate for spiritual and holistic wellness, actively promotes transformative technologies through his platforms, including Unifyd Healing and the TLS (The Light System) initiative. He supports innovations like the EESystem, which he believes play a crucial role in elevating human consciousness and enhancing physical well-being. Through Unifyd Healing, Shurka emphasizes the importance of integrating science and spirituality to catalyze a significant shift towards better global health and personal transformation.

Can I download resources to help plan my Healer's Conference experience??

Be sure to download our event eBook, which contains valuable information on parking, sightseeing, accommodation choices, and more. This guide is especially useful in a small seaside town with limited transportation options like Uber, making planning your visit essential.